April Showers, May Flowers, and Texas Summer Heat

Well, here in Texas we tend to go through Spring super fast. We're pretty much done with it and the heat is well on its way. Giddyup! 

The Spring has been great but I am super excited for what is coming up this summer. Between gigs around Texas, music festivals, and a quick tour through New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming, this summer is gonna be full of music... and oil changes. And maybe new tires. We'll see. 

So, something I do need your help with (if you can spare a couple minutes while you're on the interwebs). Now through June 22nd you can help me out by nominating me here http://www.texascountrymusicassociation.org/2018nominate for the 2018 TCMA Awards! It only takes a couple of minutes and there are several categories you can nominate for! So if you are a music lover go nominate your favorite artists, musicians, venues, and radio stations! Tell your friends and family too! 

Be sure to keep up with shows and other goings on through my Facebook page, Instagram and I'm now on Twitter. I confess, I really don't know what to do with Twitter but I have one. There, I said it. 

Y'all take care and enjoy that Texas heat that's on its way! Oh, and come see me at a show some time!